Triangulate is built by Matthew Smith.  I not only build websites, but I build the tools that a lot of websites run on.  I got started building website builders with Respond CMS.  Respond features a number of firsts in the world of content management.  It was the first CMS to support responsive websites.  It was the first CMS to embrace popular libraries such as Bootstrap, Angular, and Polymer.  And, it was among the first CMS solutions to build and deploy static websites.  This proud legacy is baked into Triangulate.

Project Goals

The goal of Triangulate is to create a product that has all the benefits of modern static site builders...

  • Builds fast static sites
  • Generates a new site in seconds
  • Easy to install, setup
  • Can host anywhere

... but also is easy to use for both developers and their clients.

  • Intuitive visual editing that your clients will love
  • No markdown to update
  • No complicated front-end or backend frameworks (its just JavaScript all the way down)
  • Produces meta data, robots.txt, RSS, and sitemaps for you
  • Can be installed locally or hosted publicly 

It is no easy task.  But, I think we are well on our way.  Check it out.