Why your website should be in the cloud

The current way we deploy web sites is broken. Bold statement, sure. But, it is true. Today, around 1/3 of all websites are deployed as Wordpress sites. And many more sites are deployed in a similar fashion. A server is provisioned. If you are lucky, it is deployed on a Virtual Machine in the cloud. If you are unlucky, it is sitting in a small data center somewhere or in your web developer’s basement. Yes, this really does happen.

The Problem with Modern Web Deployment

Most likely, your website sits at a single location somewhere on this planet waiting to hear from your customers.  Sounds ok, right? The problem is that there are so many things that could go wrong:

  • Your server software can be out of date
  • Your Wordpress (or similar) software can be out of date
  • Your network connection can be slow or go down 
  • Your server can go down
  • Your customer can be in New York while your server is in St. Louis

Now picture any one of these things happen when you have a new customer trying to get to your website.  Now, it does sound too cool.

The Cloud is the Solution

Rather than your website being in a single location, your site can now be distributed across 100+ edge locations.

These are classic problems that have been around for a long time. But, in the last few years something has changed. Amazon, Microsoft and others have setup what we refer to as a cloud. These are still servers sitting somewhere. But, the key difference is that the servers sit just about everywhere.  For instance, as of writing this article, Amazon AWS has 65 global regions and 149 edge locations across the globe.  And, modern software has allowed us to distribute and replicate the content of your website to all of the locations at once. What does this mean? Well, it means that all the problems I described above are now gone.  Rather than your website being in a single location and tied to a single network, your site can now be distributed across the 100+ edge locations and be instantly available to your customer's wherever they may be.

Why your website should be in the cloud

The first time I heard of how the cloud works, I thought two things.  First, this changes everything.  Second, this has got to be expensive, right? The thing is that Amazon has made it so cheap to globally distribute your website that it does not make sense to do it any other way.  I am as cost conscious as anyone.  But, it just makes sense that if you can have a better product: one that is more stable and is much faster than the alternative, than why would you opt for the inferior product.  This is why all large companies are moving their sites and apps to the cloud.  And, this is why all sites we build are built in the cloud.

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