Learn how you can help push the Triangulate project forward.

1. Github Sponsors

The most important thing any open source project needs is money.  Your contribution pays for AWS charges and development time.  We aren't asking for money out of your own pocket.  Rather as you use Triangulate to build client sites, just build the contribution into your ongoing charges.  That way you can ensure the product is supported throughout the life of any website you build.  

Github Sponsors

2. Paypal

If you are interesting in sponsoring the project, get in touch.  We accept one time and recurring donations via PayPal.  As you build websites for others, we recommend building a contribution into your support agreement.


Payments are processed by PayPal

3. Share on Social

We can't grow Triangulate without your help!  Share Triangulate on your favorite social network, website, or podcast.  If you want some more information for a blog post or podcast, reach out via our contact form or contact me directly via email at or on twitter @matthewsmith.

4. Star on Github

Star us on Github at madoublet/triangulate.  Stars help Triangulate get noticed.