Learn more about what makes a good website.

A website is more than just a collection of pages and images.  It is your conduit to your customers.  In our series of articles, we explore what makes a great website.  We will cover what makes a site load faster than others, and (more importantly) why this important.  We will also explore how to position your website to attract local customers.  And, we will examine why the current way sites are deployed to the web is broken and why all your sites should be in the cloud.  Check back here every week to learn something new.

Why your website should be in the cloud

The current way we deploy web sites is broken. Bold statement, sure. But, it is true. Today, around 1/3 of all websites are deployed as Wordpress sites. And many more sites are deployed in a similar fashion. A server is provisioned. If you are lucky, it is deployed on a Virtual Machine in the cloud. If you are unlucky, it is sitting in a small data center somewhere or in your web developer’s basement. Yes, this really does happen.  Continue reading...