See what makes Triangulate an amazing way to build your website in our tour.

Start Fast

Tired of looking through hundreds of themes and still not finding the perfect fit for your site?  That is because themes were built to accommodate inflexible design systems.  Triangulate is different.  We built our website builder around a library of powerful, theme-able components so you can pick and choose from our library to build your theme.  This not only gives you more choice, but you can also get up and running faster.  So you spend less time trying to find the right theme and more time building your site.

Simple Editing

Triangulate makes it easy to edit your site because you edit the content as it appears on your website.  Simply click and type.  With the top toolbar you can also make quick changes to the text and position of the element.  Use the plus sign in the bottom right corner to quickly add beautiful, hand-crafted widgets to your site.

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Beautiful widgets built-in

Our deep widget library allows you to construct beautiful pages with little effort.  Select from image layouts, multi-column layouts, and more with the click of a button.

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Manage your Site

You can manage your entire site with our powerful slide out menu.  Quickly add pages and manage your menus from anywhere within the application.

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